Nardhana Academy of Dance founded by Ramaa Ramesh had a humble beginning in 1992. It has
grown extensively, maintaining high quality of training and performance. The main focus of this
institution is to instill an awareness of the rich Indian art and culture in its purest form to the next
generation. In order to accomplish this goal, apart from the practical aspects of Bharatanatyam,
theory, Nattuvangam (wielding cymbals to conduct stage recitals), stage decor, lighting, teaching
methodology, philosophy of movement and music are also stressed upon. Exploring into other
cognate art forms is also encouraged.

Nardhana Academy has accelerated programs for sincere students with deep interest in the art
form. Senior students are encouraged to participate in many of the recitals that the Academy gets
invited to perform. Such performances build the self esteem of the students and boost their
confidence level as they continue to refine their presentation skills. The yearly annual showing for
the parents gives an opportunity for each student of the dance school to perform on stage for the
audience. The Academy has staged over 25 Arangetrams so far (debut full length recitals)
accompanied by live orchestra from India featuring exclusive repertoires.
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Other than its regular performances, and
Lecture-Demonstrations Nardhana Academy is also known
for its group productions which include thematic
interpretations in a dance-drama pattern, and group
choreographies which have been presented in numerous
locations and events including The Philadelphia Museum of
the Arts, The Temple University Alumni Concert, Main
Campus & Ambler Campus, The Bryn Mawr College
Faculty Dance Concert, The Cabrini College Contemporary
Dance Company Performance, Asian American Heritage
Month Celebration, The S.V. Temple, Pittsburg, PA, The
Maha Lakshmi Temple, DE & The HARI Temple,
Harrisburg, PA.
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