Press Clipping
Remah Pallem
Remah Pallem's interest in dance started at a tender age of 3.  She has pursued
lessons in Bharathanatyam under several gurus including Mrs. Felicia Fernandez,
Mrs. Indira Rajan and Mrs. Bana Ramanath.  For the past 3 years, she has been
learning dance under the tutelage of Mrs. Ramaa Ramesh, the Director of
Nardhana Academy of Dance.  Her training with Ramaa has given her a new
direction in performing and teaching. It has further enhanced Remah’s passion for
the art and strengthened her artistic talent.  She has performed at several stage
shows and competitions.  She has also organized many shows with small children
both in India and in the US and has received several accolades.  She truly
believes there is no limit to learning.
Lavanya Rathi Ramesh
Lavanya Rathi Ramesh is a junior at the Great Valley High School, Malvern, PA. She
currently teaches the beginner and junior level students at Nardhana Academy of Dance
and has a passion for choreography. She had her Arangetram when she was only ten
years old. This debut full length solo dance performance accompanied by live orchestra
from India was attended by an audience of over 800 people. Apart from raving press
reviews, Lavanya had the distinguished honor of receiving a letter of recognition from the
Honorable Governor of Pennsylvania, Gov. Edward G.Rendell, commending her for her
achievement and commitment to the dance form at such a young age. She started learning
Bharatanatyam, as a little three year old, from her mother and teacher Ramaa Ramesh,
and continues to represent Nardhana Academy at numerous performances and
competitions. Lavanya has also hosted some of Nardhana recitals as the 'Master of
Ceremonies'. Proficient in lighting design, she often serves as the Stage Manager for
shows presented by Nardhana.

She periodically takes private lessons from her grand guru Smt. Chitra Visweswaran to
further strengthen her talent in the finer aspects of dancing and teaching techniques.
Hailing from the prestigious lineage of the famous South Indian Poet/ Freedom Fighter,
Sri. Subramania Bharatiyar, Lavanya Rathi takes pride in continuing with her family legacy.

Note: Please refer to the title 'The next Generation' in the 'Profile' page of this website for
further information about Lavanya Ramesh
Sonia Arya
Sonia Arya is a senior at West Chester East High School and will be graduating in June of
2014, furthering her education at the University of Maryland and pursuing a career in the
sciences. Sonia has been learning dance since the age of three, but began learning
Bharatanatyam under the tutelage of Smt. Ramaa Ramesh at the age of seven. At the start of
such a young age, Sonia’s interest in Bharatanatyam was drawn from her mother's passion for
dance. Over the years, the art form began to grow on her as she completed her Arangetram in
July of 2011. She currently assists in teaching beginner and junior level students at Nardhana
Academy of Dance, while continuing to take lessons from her guru Smt. Ramaa Ramesh in
order to strengthen her talent. Sonia continues to represent Nardhana Academy of Dance in
many performances and competitions. With the desire to spread her culture and passion for
this art form, Sonia has chosen to further enhance her ability by assisting in teaching at
Nardhana Academy of Dance.