Ramaa Ramesh is a renowned Bharatanatyam dancer and the Director of “Nardhana Academy of
Dance”, a dance school founded by her in 1992. Ramaa trained under Padmashri Smt. Chitra
Visweswaran – a world famous Bharatanatyam dancer/teacher - for over fifteen years. She taught as a
senior staff member in “Chidambaram Academy of Arts”, her Guru’s dance school. She has performed
professionally in India for several prestigious organizations and Sabhas in Chennai and the National
Center for Performing Arts in Bombay. Her performances and lecture-demonstrations in foreign
countries include extensive dance tours in the USA, France, Middle East and Japan. Throughout her
dance career, she has won several awards and holds raving press reviews to her credit. She has a
Masters Degree in Dance from Temple University, Philadelphia and continued to pursue a doctoral
degree in dance. She also teaches an introductory course to Bharatanatyam at Bryn Mawr College.

Ramaa has always dedicated her efforts towards preserving the purity
of this ancient dance form and passing it to the next generation. Ramaa
has leaned on creating and improvising within the limits of the style and
enjoys choreographing to lyrical interpretations of different Indian
languages. She encourages her students to perform in public as often as
possible, so they can gain exposure and self-confidence.

Born as the grand-niece of the famous South Indian Poet/ Freedom
Fighter, Sri. Subramania Bharatiyar, Ramaa takes great pride in
continuing with her family legacy. To her, Bharatanatyam is a way of
offering herself to the Lord Almighty.
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